Äna Belén García

Your experience at FDSÄ


Hello, everybody!

My name is Ana, I'm 21 years old and I'm studying Computer Engineering at the University of the Balearic Islands. Because I had not previously worked in any position related to my studies, I decided, at the beginning of the year, that I would do a business internship at the university; however, I did not know how I could do it.

Sometime later, I found out they were holding an event at the university called "Tech Days", which consisted of on-campus days when companies looking for technical profiles and students (graduates or not) met each other. There, I could give out resumes to many companies in the sector that caught my attention.Among them was FDSA.

I was quite struck by the fact that the color of the company was pink, but I was even more struck seeing the people on the stand being so cheerful; that, and that they talked about the company in a way that made their eyes sparkle. 

To talk about the company in a way that made their eyes sparkle.

Then I talked to them and everything lined up: because within a week of leaving my resume, FDSA called me for an interview and followed a programming test that I passed.

Ana in FDSA B/N

And then? For the last three months, I've been interning at FDSA and I can only say I'm delighted. It's not at all what I expected. After watching countless shows and hearing so many stories about working for a company, I was getting the idea that I was going to be overwhelmed, that I would have to put up with doing trivial things because of the internship, or that as an intern I would have to do the things that others wouldn't want to do besides putting up with comments from superiors and other business clichés.

For the last three months I've been interning at FDSA and I can only say I'm delighted.

Perhaps, the vision I had of a company is not the best one to compare, but I know for sure that in many companies, the situations I mentioned above happen. However, I can certainly say that at FDSA it doesn't happen, and that's why, because they believe in self-management, because they trust the workers, because they give us the opportunity to develop professionally and because they make the office almost a home... I've fallen in love with FDSA and its wonderful people.

So far I can say that it has been the best work experience of my life and it has far exceeded my expectations; because the scholarship holders are not treated as outcasts but as any other worker, I have been able to a lot about things which I had no idea existedboth on a technical level and in relation to work and even personal life.

It's been the best work experience of my life.

Unfortunately, because I have not yet finished my studies and the schedules at the university are quite complex, my path is separated for the moment from this great company. However, once again, I am surprised that the doors are open to me in case our paths meet again. Although right now I want to focus on my training, once I've met the goal of finishing my degree I'd love to go back to FDSA and be able to join my colleagues again so I can share my knowledge and help the company grow.

Finally, I would like to thank the entire company for the opportunity it has given me to be part of this, for the treatment received and for leaving the doors open for me.

It will be a pleasure to meet you again.


Ana Belen Garcia