Do you need adaptable and customized solutions to manage your business?

We are experts in helping companies such as:

Hoteliers, Online Travel Agencies, Property Management Systems, Bed Banks, TravelTech Companies, Educational and Public Institutions, Technological SMEs, SMEs wishing to digitize
  • Hotels
  • Property Management Systems
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Bed banks
  • TravelTech Companies
  • Educational and public institutions
  • Technology SMEs
  • SMEs wishing to digitize

But why should you choose us?


We accompany and advise you during the development of your own product as if it were our own, giving you continuous feedback and advising you on the best implementations at optimization level, best practices at technical level and agile methodologies, tips on deployments, performance of the application and its modules.


By hiring FDSA, you don't just hire a supplier, you hire a team . In fact, we will find and create one dedicated to your project with our 1+N formula . A system by which we assign at least one person trained and specialized in your application supported by other colleagues to make up for work peaks or unexpected downtime.


We generate an MVP (minimum viable product), and apply ceremonies such as standup meetings or retrospectives to seek continuous improvement within the application and optimize it.


Through best practices such as CI/CD and TDD and DevOps tools, we achieve adaptive and scalable integrations and applications that prevent your system's databases from collapsing, crashing components or slow processing.


We have developed real-time monitoring systems to detect incidents and service degradation, in addition to a watch and alarm plan that allows us to quickly locate and act on errors.

Some of our projects:

  • Role and/or user management systems (employees, customers, partners...)
  • Administrative document management systems, legal, data protection...
  • Property Management Systems Manager
  • Rates and contracts from channels and tour operators to in-house systems
  • Tariff and contract management applications
  • Reservoir mappers and injectors
  • Reporting systems
  • Reservation and cancellation managers
  • Quota and room availability managers in hotels
  • Price calculators
  • Work order and task management systems
  • Inter-application master data managers

Are you sure you are looking for an API Integration? We know the importance of being interconnected. That's why we encourage you to visit our Integrations expertise page. Together we can make the world faster, more agile and easier.

Benefits of customized software:

Good technological practices and robust, quality technology stack

One of our values is technical excellence . Therefore, it is crucial for us to work with robust technologies and languages that allow us to optimize applications with security. Some of our best practices: Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, Test-Driven-Development, development by Microservices...

Some of our technologies: Java, .NET, JavaScript, AngularJS, React, Loopback, Sencha ExtJs, C#, Azure DevOps, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Cloud, Azure Functions, Azure Storage, SQL Server...

Unique work methodology

We not only create and train a dedicated team especially for your project with the formula 1 + N. We also focus on this team, through the best practices and technologies mentioned above, to apply an agile methodology at the time of development. Therefore, we are based on two key concepts:

In one-week, two-week or other agreed periods, we divide the tasks and work on them in sprints. In the meantime, we share on the daily our progress, blockages and needs with our colleagues. In this way, we prevent them from getting stuck. These and many other concepts from agile philosophies such as Lean related to continuous improvement accompany us.

In addition, we are obsessed with the concept of MVP or minimum viable product. We work on a practical application from the very beginning and we scale it, adding functionalities and optimizing it.

Corporate culture: person-to-person programming

Some people call us innovators because of our corporate culture. We like to say that we grow and grow .

FDSA is a self-managed company. This in no way implies a lack of control, if anything, supported by the methodologies and tools that we mentioned, more communication and fluidity that benefits the projects and all those involved in the process. FDSA is a vehicle for technical development, but also professional and personal.

That is why we are committed to internalization, working on your project as if it were our own, trusting and empowering a prepared team.


In addition...

  • Enjoy having an application in which you have full control, without predefined limitations.
  • Get closer to your customers or users by offering them what brings them the most value.
  • Discover a new way to manage your business through agile digitalization.
  • Take advantage of a team that works hand in hand with you as if we were a single company.
  • Develop new modules and functionalities on the fly according to your needs.
  • Focus calmly on the core of your business while we take care of everything else and offer you the convenience of a customized work plan, hourly billing and periodic reports.
  • You receive the analysis of the tasks we carry out and the project proposals, including costs at the hourly level, estimates, general descriptions...