Remembering 2020


This time last year, we were celebrating all that 2019 had given us and toasting it and the progress it meant. But... and today?


Well, 2020 has been a year of challenges that have put us to the test, but that does not mean that we are not going to remember it and see in retrospect, which we like so much, what we have learned from it. For us, for those who support us and, in this respect, above all, for those who have continued to trust FDSA, leaving their projects in our hands, even in difficult times, whether they were small, medium-sized or large companies, with greater or lesser uncertainty in the face of the health crisis.


We start the year in January with the usual customs, and continue with February and our usual Christmas dinner (because, in this house, Christmas dinner is enjoyed three months later). These were times to remember, without a doubt; a Something To Remember like an office full of Kanbans on the walls; the same office that we stopped seeing in March, after finishing three job fairs that were great and where we had the pleasure of being close to you, that you approached the FDSA Stand, or that you interacted with us on instagram, facebook, twitter, or that you connected on Linkedin, or that you visited us, or that you worked side by side with us, as a partner and in one team, even from different companies. These were two and a half months that gave for a lot and in which, above all, we were involved in exciting projects with all our clients. Whether it was in SAP, .NET, JavaScript... we dedicated 100% to each of the tasks that we carried out with them. 


Then came what came, and our life took the 180-degree turn we all know. But we didn't stop. We never stopped. Because we wanted FDSA to continue being what it was and is: a company whose goal is to grow and to make its customers grow while advancing hand in hand with those who trust in it. It's true: there were companies that stopped working, the crisis came to many sectors and the islands did not go past the best, but we had something that was worth more than the uncertainty: the trust of the partners who chose us and with whom we continue today. Because we knew that we were in the same boat; we knew that we would make their projects, their teams, their challenges... continue to move forward.


With that idea in mind came teleworking, Zoom meetings, Meets meetings, Teams meetings, group chats, postponed meetings, the thousand and one new tools we adapt to... Distance came. And in spite of everything, we continue being closer and closer thanks to a technology that was friendly, in spite of making us miss the pink walls, the fallen post-its, the colleagues, the meetings in our partners' offices, the Good Morning, the coffee...


Of course, things have changed. But we still have the same principles and values, and we continue to carry them with us, and we know that, although we've changed and FDSA has changed with us, we have something very clear: we want to continue doing what we're passionate about: generating scalable business software and, above all, person-to-person, with all those roles, whatever they may be, that you've interacted with us, that you've appreciated our technological advances, our Lean philosophy, the improvements in service that we wanted to provide you with... Everything.


This is a virtual hug for all the people and clients who accompany us day by day: for those who have not been able to continue with us because of the crisis, for those who have continued until you could, for those who are still here, for those who have joined us during this 2020 in the midst of the storm, for those who work with other companies and have decided to trust us with part of their work, for those who have been interested in our work philosophy, for those who are considering being with us in the future... For all of you: we are going to work so that 2021 is the year you deserve and we all deserve, to move forward with you, to continue applying improvements and enjoying the process and, above all, to be closer and closer


And now we're saying goodbye to the year. But not without first toasting you, who are still by our side and make us say that today, more than ever... we continue.



Silvia Menendez