Confidence in things well done


We have to go back to 2009, when we ce started to develop the SAP part of the Iberostar Group. A small project that grew little by little.

In 2014, the IT managers asked us to start working in .NET. The beginnings with this language were not easy. We invested more time than estimated, but the final results were always satisfactory.

In fact, our proactivity and initiative in proposing improvements led them to consider us as a benchmark supplier in best practices. So much so that they asked us to start working on their booking manager, addressing a very important part of their business.


Miquel Ollers, Software Factory EU Director, tells you about it:



Connecting places around the world from a single location


The Iberostar Group is a large hotel company with a presence in 35 countries, more than 37,000 rooms and more than 8 million customers, therefore, they need to have a reservation system that supports the demand and complexity of the sector.

Through their booking system, together with Grupo Iberostar, we control all their hotel bookings simultaneously, instantly and without waiting. In short, they manage and translate information on contracts, quotas, reservations, rates and offers, synchronising with the different modules of the project and the so-called Property Management Systems (or PMS) or other tourism APIs in a continuous and scalable manner.

A methodology that delivers results


For an outsourcing project to work properly, it is essential to work methodologically between both teams. Together with Grupo Iberostar, we have focused on this way of working, achieving significant benefits:

  • We have generated a great climate of involvement, proactivity and attitude thanks to the direct and fluid contact between both teams.
  • We have implemented Lean and Agile methodologies, which allow teams to have a lot of versatility in the face of change and to deliver value to the client continuously and quickly. These methodologies have not only helped us to comply with the projects, but also to speed up their implementation (MVP), to adjust delivery times as much as possible and to minimise costs.
  • We have ensured the success of the project by maintaining a close and honest relationship. Transparency is always our starting point.

Getting to know the sector from the inside


In the tourism sector, projects are very dynamic and require significant versatility and adaptability. Using agile methodologies and working in Sprints gives us this high response capacity.

But there is only one secret to proposing improvements: a deep understanding of our client's needs, the flow of their project and the sector .

The IT teams of the Iberostar Group and FDSA work as a single team and that allows us to create synergies and live it from the inside as if it were our own. We don't outsource. We internalise.

Did you know that...?

In short, what has given us the best results with Iberostar is working closely together, creating synergies between the two teams and creating a climate of motivation and proactivity.

You can't achieve this overnight, you have to work at it. We are giving you an ebook in which we explain how we organise ourselves at FDSA to achieve this and have a team that enjoys what they do. In addition, to start being more efficient in development operations, we also give you a series of signs to find out if DevOps is for you and start implementing it in your company now .