There's a doctor in the room

Why bet on talent

Today we come to talk to you about our talent Pau, who entered on November 12 2018, that is, exactly 266 days ago today; and he came from a radically different profession than the one he exercises here today, at FDSA, as a programmer. Because Pau is a doctor.

At one point in his life, he decided that his vocation was different and changed course, arriving at FDSA and joining our team - and what a change that was!

Pau is the example of how talent is not governed by what you have studied or where you have started your career. He, who made the brave decision to go against the tide, after leaving medicine to train as a programmer arrived, got his hands on the keyboard, without being a computer scientist by profession, he passed the programming test and showed that, with passion and a desire to change things and improve them, everything works.

Examples such as yours are what make, for us, there are as many definitions of talent as there are workers, here, in other companies and around the world. Talent is also not something we can define or measure accurately. According to some, it is similar to intelligence; for others, it involves creativity. On the other hand, it might seem that having a lot or a little talent is possible, but not an "ordinary dose" of it. Here, we can assure you that there are tons of it, as you may have read.

And that is precisely why we will ensure one thing 100% today:  we believe in talent and we bet on it, working hand in hand with Pau and each and every one of us who make up this great project.

Pau Pericàs for blog

Pau Pericàs

That's why when a worker enters FDSA we give him or her the tools necessary to develop to their fullest potential. We train him, encourage him, talk to him and practice active listening by his side so that he can go one step further, get closer to who he wants to be, evolve with the company and, above all, enjoy himself. Because developing talent is not, by any means, a copious task. On the contrary, it means rediscovering oneself and continually improving. And it is worth it not only for oneself, but for all those who accompany us every day. Can you imagine the creative solutions that a programmer specializing in intensive care medicine can offer? The different points of view? We are almost fifty people here; all with our visions and contributing to what we know best.

People who believe in their talent, enjoy it and try to promote it in the working environment, also enjoy and promote the environment itself more. It is the snake that bites its own tail, but positively. A situation of constant mutual benefit. A win-win.

But while the talent we have here has shown us all of the above, we also benefit from and enjoy the outside talent. We see it day after day, month after month and since the year we started in our relationship with clients, suppliers, partners, friendly companies and an infinite number of other participants.

And what do we prove, with these relationships?

That talent attracts more talent.

Pau Pericàs for blog

Pau Pericàs

So when the TEDx organization proposed to sponsor the TEDx Arxiduc event, an independent event under the TED license that, under the slogan "ideas worth spreading" motivates, helps, excites and, in its own way, moves the world, we didn't think about it. We wanted to go with everything.

We took part before, during and after the event, and we told you something on our social networks; what did we take away from that experience? What was beyond the sponsorship and placing our logo on the photocall? We told you about it:

The event, held on June 29, 2019, served us well, gross mode to subscribe to Eduardo Galeano's phrase "Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world". And one of those - we mentioned only one, although of course there are more - people who said things with which we undoubtedly identify, was Olga Milián, Director of Human Resources.

Olga told us -and we include the video- that it is important to develop learning at work; that we can encounter leaders who add value to our talent, because not only through self-knowledge do we detect it, but also thanks to people who help us see what we have and how to develop it. Hence, I mentioned "I believe I am what I am thanks to the help of others". 

We cannot help but see ourselves reflected in his words. Here, we are all a team, seeking collective solutions rather than individual ones, living together with the talent of colleagues who, like Pau, grow by our side and allow us to grow by theirs, developing our talents simultaneously. We leave you the video here.

We must surround ourselves with people who bring talent, diversity and, above all, attitude. Because that is the key to success.

And here at FDSA, we're going to keep working on it.



Silvia Menendez