On more than one occasion, we have told #FDSA that we do not come just to do programming, management, financial, logistical or marketing tasks. We come to FDSA to contribute, learn, grow and develop. Because that's how everything works out best. And if we can achieve this, it's also thanks to events such as games. After-work sessions promoted by the company for our professional development, but also for the personal one. Sessions that do not have to have anything to do with programming; or they do. Depending on the interest of all of us from this company, the topics can be one or the other. But believe me when I tell you that they are very, very varied.

One day we finish work and get into a quantum physics session, the next month a creative economy session and the next month a laughter therapy session. And believe us, they all add up. Of course, we appreciate this first, but all FDSAs consider whether playing is of interest, and when the yes votes come in, the preparation begins.

Preparation is also everyone's business. Someone contacts the speaker; someone else prepares the material; someone else manages the space - and so on. 

Something I love about the ludo-training courses is that they can be born inside or outside FDSA, gathering the best of each house. Not only external professionals come; if at any time someone from inside knows about a particular topic and wants to share that knowledge and make it something useful for their colleagues, it can be done. And here is where I tell you about my experience, the one I have been able to touch with my fingertips -one that, let's say... "subtly", I have introduced in the third paragraph of this article-: the ludo-training that I gave on August 23rd on laughter therapy.

Silvia Menendez

Silvia Menendez

I will start by saying that it was, without a doubt, an unforgettable and very enriching experience. To begin with, all the games are coordinated with the Tribu Personas, a tribe in charge of promoting the well-being of the workers - because that is what we are looking for, well-being - and from the first moment to the last, the path that led me to the materialization of the game was filmed. Then I launched a survey that was quite popular; a couple of emails to the team, and... voilà! All done.

Or, well... not quite. Because coming up with a game is not a half-hour thing. Then I prepared the topic, the presentation, the dynamics, and I got my head around it. Because I wanted, as we all do, the best for the team. Even if it was the first one I taught. 

And that's it! Because the rest of it flew by. To be honest, in the blink of an eye. We all had so much fun, laughed so much, and learned so much together; because, of course, my learning increased that day. Everything added up, and before I knew it, I was collecting feedback.

By the way... did you know that there are hundreds of types of laughter? The genuine one, the simulated one, the social one... Well, that's another thing. It won't be the last ludoformativa, we've still got a lot going on. In the meantime, and as always, I'll keep growing. By contributing. Learning from up close, from where things happen.

In the meantime, as always, we will all continue.


Silvia Menendez