When API Integration is the Business,

you can count on FDSÄ

There are integrations that help the business, while others are the business.


Businesses in which milliseconds of response are converted into more or fewer sales, in which calls to APIs are measured by up to hundreds of thousands per minute, in which integrated systems are counted in the hundreds and in which a downed system seriously affects service.


And when integration is the core part of your business, you can't count on just anyone.

You can count on FDSÄ.

And if...


I want a faster response

Using advanced programming techniques, cache management or data streaming, we reduce the response time.

I need scalability

Through DevOps practices and tools, we achieve adaptive and scalable integrations.

I want the modifications to be ready quickly

We apply integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) techniques and tools to publish more frequently and with better quality.

Are you sure it's working?

We monitor the correct functioning of the APIs and obtain analytical data that facilitates their optimization.

We have to optimize the Cloud

We applied a microservices architecture with Docker and Kubernetes to build a system that allows for increasing infrastructure resources right where they are needed.

Who takes care of this API?

We take care of all stages of the process: development, deployment, integration and monitoring. We take responsibility for its proper functioning.

I need to ensure the safety

Connections via HTTPS, automatic renewal of SSL certificate, secret management, access control... We make sure that your business core is protected at all times.

I am looking for a team I can trust

We're nice, transparent people, and that matters. Because we think about technology and we think about the people who develop it. We believe in the great potential of enjoying work.


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How will our collaboration be? It will be...


We are experts in high volume integrations, where a quick response to each call is essential. Through DevOps practices and tools such as microservices, Docker and Kubernetes, we achieve adaptive and scalable integrations, which allow us to put resources exactly where they are needed. We take care of all stages of the process: development, deployment, continuous integration and monitoring.


Lean in our DNA, Agile is our day to day. Continuous delivery of value, we consider waste everything that does not bring value to the customer and eliminate it, visual management, close collaboration with the customer, response to change ... We like to talk about values rather than tools, but yes, we use Kanban and Scrum:

Directly from

It is not just about understanding and connecting systems, but also about people. Our company philosophy. We do not work as an external team, but side by side as an extension. You will know every member of the team and have access to them. In addition, we use your communication and management channels (Slack, Jira, loquetengas...)

Don't think twice, leave your integrations in our hands. LET'S TALK

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