Collaborating since 2009 for talent

Our relationship with the UIB started from our beginnings, shortly after FDSA was born, through the DOIP-FUEIB, back in 2009.

At the beginning it was merely a matter of placing job offers, carrying out the relationship as we could with platforms such as Infojobs. But over the years we discovered more ways of collaborating with the university that allowed us not only to incorporate employees, but also to make FDSA known or to take part in the promotion of technology in society.

It is essential to stress that at FDSA there are no "interns", we do not handle that concept. We do not have a specific type of work that we feed on interns to get done. In fact, one of our principles is that all members enjoy themselves; that's why we try to make every job as enriching as possible for the employees. This thought led us, also in the beginning and in a wrong way, not to put any offer of internships, thinking that we could fall in that situation.

Later on, when we detect the high probability of a student staying to work in the company in which he has done his internship, then we offer him a job. We consider them to be what they are: training and subsequent supervised performance of proper tasks; in other words, the very beginning of any employee, which allows us to offer students what they are looking for: a first contact with genuine work experience. From that moment on, the UIB internships are our primary entry point for employees.

Since then, we approached UIB with open doors and we discovered more of the good side of that relationship. We took partin the employment forums that they organize (Job Day andTech-days) more and more nourished and with networking sessions when we can even relate to other companies. In addition, we have given three training sessions on the SomEPS program, on SAP, Lean and TDD; we also took part as advisors in the Agile & Lean Postgraduate. Also, within the framework of a project-related subject, we carried out a practical workshop on the Lean philosophy that has always accompanied us.

UIB EPS Building

EPS building at the Tech Days

Before we leave and finish reminiscing about all that this relationship has brought us and continues to do, let us tell you one more thing: one of the participations that satisfies us most is to contribute to the program of  the promotion of engineering, mathematics and building that the UIB does with students of all ages from colleges and institutes. When you congratulate a 12-year-old programmer on her first prize for her Scratch game and the first thing she talks about is how to pass the final monster, you see a passion for programming that must be further enhanced.

And that, with entities like this, is possible.

Many thanks to Loren, Antonia, Toni, María del Mar, Luis, Carlos, Macarena, Simona and many more for the work you do in connecting the university with the company. We are all at different stages within the development world, and this is something that we hope will last for many more years.


Alejo Ecube