PROGRAMMER: You work, but... are you setting up a company?


At FDSA we do not replicate a company or work for it, we have been building one in Mallorca for 10 years, inventing our own methods and rules. And we want you, with your talent, your motivation, your knowledge and your energy, to help us build the next chapter of FDSA - and yours, of course.


I'm Xavier Coll, CEO, and I'm here to tell you that you're going to love FDSA if you think that good programming is something fundamental in today's society, if you feel that doing things well makes a difference and you're not afraid to roll up your sleeves to, together with your team, create the best pieces of software we are capable of, constantly evolving and never settling for anything.

At FDSA we work with several technologies, mainly .NET for back-end development and JavaScript for front-end development. Our focus is on the development of business management software with special expertise in the tourism sector. From custom applications to software integrations between systems, we use all the methodologies and technologies at our disposal to create the best: .NET Core, React, Material-UI, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, TDD, microservices, hexagonal architecture... We even work with specific technologies for the creation of chatbots and PLN (Natural Language Processing).

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Tired of overtime? There's no such thing as overtime here.
Overtime is wonderful... if you want to get burned. We believe in optimizing the time we spend at work, in making the most of the day and enjoying it. If one day you have to stay a little longer because you need to finish a certain task or to help a colleague, the next day, that "little extra" is taken. Your time is and will always be yours. We can give the best service without getting burned out, and in fact, we do.
Bad day? Yeah, there are bad days

That's right, there are days that are simply a huge NO. We create frameworks and tools to share with our colleagues that today is not your day; you have a direct way to talk to anyone within FDSA, express yourself and seek alternatives and solutions to work that day - and all of us - at ease.

Do you like painting, decoration, origami...? We are interested

You're not a CV, you're not a number and you're not a title. We want to know what moves you, removes you, interests you and motivates you. We want to know if you like creative cooking, musical fusion, drawing, writing..., whatever you want. It is possible that you have parallel skills that, even if you don't imagine it at first, can bring value to the client and the rest of the team, even to open new paths in the company. Go further, tell us what you want; you have our full attention.

Please enjoy
Enjoying the process is essential. We want everyone who works with FDSA - customers, suppliers and, of course, employees - to feel comfortable. Because, let's face it: the best time to work is when you're good. That's why our values are focused on making the most of effective work, but also on enjoying it. We do what we do because we love it, and we're also great at it.
What would you be able to do if you were in total control of your work?
At FDSA, we organize ourselves in a self-managed way. With a totally horizontal structure, we make decisions as a team and under the same principles and values. From the first day you cross the threshold you have as much say as anyone else, and if someone suggests a change, it is always as a partner and to improve. We are organized in teams and tribes - areas of improvement to contribute to the company, in working time and if you are interested in the subject - to manage, on the one hand, customer tasks, and on the other, talent recruitment, logistics, welfare ... ; all decisions are taken in groups with tools prepared to seek consensus and optimal actions for all participants: customers, employees, partners ...
But is this Agile?
We are Lean, and therefore, Agile. In each area and for each task we focus on continuous improvement, eliminating waste - jobs, waits... - and learning from our mistakes. Lean has also given us an arsenal of fantastic tools to work with; you won't see a wall in FDSA without Kanban or a corner without post-its or indicators. We're convinced: it's the way to maximize performance and minimize time. And it doesn't matter if we're talking about programming, writing or billing: with Lean, we get to improve and apply the skills that motivate us to deliver great customer value.
How far is the FDSA gonna take you? How far are you gonna take her?

One definition of FDSA that we love is that it is a vehicle for the personal and professional development of all its members. We have full confidence in this idea and have proven, after tripling our staff and working with new and varied clients in different ways, that it works. That's why we encourage you: check if FDSA goes where you want to go and if the answer is "yes":

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In the following video, we tell you what we at FDSA think:

And you say, what do those who have worked with FDSA think?


Gerard Pasán - Deputy General Director IT & IT.

"They donot hesitate to get involved in the developments and projects that are requested of them in order to understand and improve aspects where the functional roles do not reach. This is a lack in most companies in the sector dedicated to providing development services, which gives them a competitive advantage".


Salvador Cortés - SAP Senior Specialist

"Thanks to FDSA we get programming solutions in an agile and efficient way.
Apart from the high level of knowledge that all programmers have, they always try to contribute with something else and do not just comply with the initial specifications that we ask them. It's also a good thing that, at any time, any member of the team quickly knows how the development is going.

Isn't it time for you to get on board with FDSA? Don't worry about it:

Enter FDSA INSIDE, because in addition to our job offers, you will have access to technical webinars, information and exclusive material that will surely be useful in your personal and professional development.

More about FDSÄ

I'm Alejo Ecube, I'm an industrial engineer and I founded FDSA in 2009, although you could say it started again in 2014, it was a kind of reboot. In 2014 it was clear to me that the rules, norms and ways of doing things that until then governed FDSA, more by imitation than by conviction, had not managed to build a company capable of overcoming a crisis. It was clear to me that what I was passionate about was something that, in addition to making me develop, would get many more people to do so.

In 2014 I was alone and today I have the honor of leading a team of more than thirty people who follow a tremendously powerful formula: talent + motivation => great customer value.
FDSA INSIDE is an eternal open day for FDSA, a place where together we create and model that vehicle that leads us to our professional and personal goals.

We'll wait for you inside.

Video interview with Alejo Ecube, CEO of FDSA

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