We thought we'd start the FDSA blog by explaining where it comes from.

My name is Alejo Ecoca Ecube Pérez and I founded FDSA Programación in 2009. I am an industrial engineer by trade, and my vocation as a programmer caught up with me along the way. It was what made me leave my job, continue training and after a few months, start working as a SAP programmer.

Alejo Ecoca Ecube Pérez - FDSA CEO

Back in 2011, at the client's offices.

After a couple of years of self-employment I decided to create a company to be able to supply programmers to what was my only client at the time. Soon after, I got another client and the thing was working until the crisis hit us. It was 2012 and it meant a new start almost from scratch. You could say that in 2013,  FDSA's second life began. With what we learned from the first stage, this time I wanted to build something more solid. Between company books and mentoring, I took on another vocation as I went along, that of an entrepreneur. We also started developing in .NET and focused on creating a motivated and stable team.

Coworking equipment Nidus 39

In the coworking Nidus 39.

After two years in a coworking, the six of us who were at the time moved to our first office, the first FDSA office. And from here on, it's FDSA today, which you can see on the web, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or if you come to see us one day and have a cup of coffee.

First FDSA office

Our first office

And the name?

When I chose the name of the company I wanted it to be a tribute to the programming I loved so much. The name FDSA (efe-de-ese-a, as we call it) is because I got the image of some fingers, that from so much programming, the letters on the keyboard have been marked. In fact, the first FDSA logo reflected it.

First FDSA logo

First FDSA logo

And it was also important for me that it contained the word "programming", not development, technical consultancy or technology... "programming", a word that in some areas is lesser but that I considered and consider being enormous. Second FDSA logo



Alejo Ecube